Monday, April 14, 2008

For my one and only!!!

No regrets I have
Everything within me I gave
Never really care what people say
Did not realize it’s my life I would have to pay
You are leaving, yeah you are
Thinking about it, I drive my car
Confused about the thought of saying goodbye
Expectations within me growing high
In a few days there would be miles between us
Wouldn’t really get to meet you I guess
Then I see you smiling as ever
The idea behind me falling in love seems clever
You have kept me guessing always
My feelings for you never had two ways
Just wanted you to be my side throughout
Hoping that you would never fall out
Though you would be miles apart
I would never let us part
Just want to be there when you want to talk
If not the plane, the distance I would walk
And then,
You hold me back
Telling me that my feelings were slack
Suddenly finding something missing
Consoled myself thinking that you were just testing
The look in your eyes
Slowly figuring out that the words were not lies
You tell me you tried to move on
And the love for me is long gone
There goes my world down the drain
From my eyes there is heavy rain
It’s your life and I can’t force
Even if I’m willing to pay a few crores
It is your decision and ill let you go
For the time in life I take a bow
Everything good comes to an end
Your hand which I wanted, you refuse to lend
I have everything I need
For you my heart has started to bleed
By you leaving, you’ve made me empty inside
Will get to terms that you will never be by my side
I have always thought, you would be my wife
But don’t worry, ill walk out of your life
Atleast a second if you were in love with me, please ponder
Just one small thing for you to remember
Whenever I’ve told you, I love you
I really meant it from the bottom of my heart, my cue
Doesn’t matter now because for you, I am already dead
But no one will ever love you the way I did!!!

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